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Press Branding Assets

If you're interested in featuring our brand anywhere, whether it be in an article, on a news show or even on your website then we need to ensure that our image is maintained. Please use this section of our site to help you keep our image as maintained as possible.

Branding Colours

We primarily use two separate dark colours for backgrounds or to mask the logo itself. As any good designer knows, never use absolute black. This is mainly due to the human eye being able to see the most subtle differences in shades. Using a slightly less dark shade can rapidly increase how your branding looks and as such we've decided to show you what colours work best.

The colour on the left works best with larger images where our logo is involved, or where lots of saturation is used in the image as it adds a greater contrast between both the logo and the rest of the image.

The colour on the right works best with smaller versions of our logo, as it's lighter and easier to look at. This also helps give off a smoother look, as long as the background is light.

You may use both of these as background colours although ensure you use absolute white when colouring our logo. This makes our logo more visible and easier to see from a distance or on smaller displays.

When using our logo, please ensure that you use a minimum of 16px spacing around it. If this means downsizing the logo, then so be it, but ensure that the image is displayed at the minimum dimensions of 16px too.

If the image is being used as a link, then please ensure that it is displayed at a minimum of 25px. Along with this, when a smaller version of our logo is required, please try to use it in SVG format where possible to ensure the highest possible fidelity on all displays.

Branding Typography

When using any form of typography to represent Refracted Records, or when using any text that may be related to Refracted Records; please ensure that you use the Open Sans font by Steve Matteson. We use both the Regular and Light variants of the font, but when more differentiation between text is needed, then we do allow the usage of the semi-bold font.

When using our logo, please take it from one of these sources. You're allowed to download, resize, recolour and use the logo commercially. However, you're not allowed to re-distribute, re-design, edit, transform; rotate or change the direction, animate, anthropomorphize, use special effects or use older variants of the logo. Our logo is best described by the CC Attribution ShareAlike (4.0) license. Download logo files